What if I ought to be the God of this world a day

Interesting? Yup.

This is a crazy idea though, I don’t mind posting here!

I just want to do these things in the world if it happen to be!

  • I will let everyone/ every creature on the earth fly on the universe for a day and it depends on them to return to earth.If they don’t return in a day, they can never return here. You can fly to Mars, Moon or anywhere, you don’t need any special arrangements. Just you think in your mind, where you want to go and you will be there.
  • I will remove all the religions on the earth! Sounds good, because I am the God, everyone knows whom they are talking about.
  • I will show the heaven and hell to everyone.
  • I will perish the evil people into ashes.
  • I will make the rich as poor and the poor as rich.
  • I will make all the weapons to be hidden or wipe out in a moment and make the people to forget how to make it again.
  • I will erase few of the  inventions from the earth.
  • I will turn all women into men, and men into women!

What will you do? Share me….I am interested to know which you like in these points 😛

60 thoughts on “What if I ought to be the God of this world a day

  1. I like your list except that I’m happy to be a woman, and don’t want to be a man. I would add bless those who bless, and curse those who curse. (except you seem to have that covered already in a different way)

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    1. Wow beautiful 🙂 I need to give a choice then 🙂 nice point,I think the one who curse will be perished already in my list 🙂

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  2. I will give everyone the ability to hear the thoughts of every other human being, animals, plants and objects. They will become more honest, extremely sensitive and will never be able to lie because their thoughts will be known behind what they say. I imagine they’ll have to start changing the way they think and they might become better human beings because of it.

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      1. You’re a kind man, and you attract good people and good things to yourself. I enjoyed reading your list. They’re scary but if I could go out of the world and see the Universe, I think I’d have the maturity to grow from the experience. The other question is, though, what would you want for yourself, personally?

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      2. You don’t want to be a gifted engineer as you are now? This is the mark of a humble man. A person who is truly happy with himself longs for nothing. That’s amazing.

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      3. Yup, I am thinking while I am still the God, I am thinking 😛 I hope same law applicable to me then woman 🙂

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  3. Now..this needs a lot of thinking man..!!! 🙂
    But basically, I would just like to go back..to my childhood…!!! 😀
    And the world,
    I don’t know,
    the planet is awesome as it is 🙂
    Time changes everything, everywhere;
    maybe we will have to learn to adapt ourselves;
    other than forcing our surroundings to adapt 🙂

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  4. I would have only two laws:
    1. You cannot exploit any other living thing.
    2. You cannot exploit the environment.

    But first I would create a much more even distribution of wealth and power, by waving my magic wand!

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    1. very interesting thought! I like it ” distribution of wealth and power’ which I want ..think rich to poor and poor to rich will have an interesting world!

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      1. I hope God has no gender speculation but still it will be same I guess 😛 only human has created the mess in the world, God might not have intended this 😛 what do you say?


  5. This is quite interesting. I think I won’t change the world too much since many of the bad things that are happening right now are the consequences our our doing. But of course, I would like to establish a real justice system that would punish all those deserving appropriately. I know it’s hard to determine what is “real” justice but you see the point.

    Also, I would like to help all the poor but I won’t reverse the status of the rich and the poor lol.

    And yeah, we will be better off if some of the inventions were not invented at all…

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