Mum gifted the pain

I’m your blood and flesh,
The cruel days you gave me, mum,
Bed you left me to wash,
When you let my fingers peel off,
Fights you had with drunken dad,
Nights left me in hunger,
O,forget to feed me food,
I feel the pain now mum.

Abusing dad on other side,
Your careless heart,
I remember the agony you went through,
Did you know my fate before?
I cried under the pillow,
For food and water,
I feel the pain when you threw my food away.

Dad had a fight,
Am I the reason for it?
This is your body and blood,
I still love the abuse you gave, mum.

The worst abuse a child goes through ever is not worse than the abuse from its mother.

22 thoughts on “Mum gifted the pain

  1. Reblogged this on iblogstr8sicit's Blog and commented:
    The colors run cold and blue through the veins of your flesh and blood

    The stillness of your heart has frozen inside my head and breaks my sanity

    It’s been so long and now the winters have gone

    Spring has come your flesh and blood have thawed

    Blood flows freely yet I am not free

    My flesh crawls with memories of your absent touch and how I longed for you to be

    I hate and I love you

    Melancholy a familiar tone

    Your hollow eyes that used to stare at me but couldn’t see my pain

    I loved you mom

    I needed you

    Look at me

    Can you see now

    Never mind it’s time to say goodbye

    I can see now

    That you were always blind

    [By Dawna Bowles (C) 03/15]

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    1. yes, it’s. Some people don’t even thought of mum giving the pain, but I’m just telling the reality. Thanks


  2. A very succulent reflection of emotional upsurge which is felt and remains etched in the memory. People say that ‘time’ is a great healer but there are some indelible spots which cannot.



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      1. thank you… you and Yasika are writing exams πŸ˜›
        she is another blogger,,and a regular reader of mine πŸ˜›

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