Let’s go for a spacewalk

Space walk cease to exist

To minutes, time has no value while

Our hands docked together.

22 thoughts on “Let’s go for a spacewalk

    1. Hahaha nope 🙂 my name is not iku 🙂 if you like to know more I would be glad to reply mail 🙂
      By the way if you have known relativity theory of Einstein, you can relate this poem with that more precisely 🙂

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      1. Oh, I mean if you have studied theory of relativity in school or college, you might easily relate this poem 🙂


      1. The mass energy theorem was nice but…fluid dynamics,kinematics and alternating current derivations piss me off..i like newton..i was good at newton laws of motion…i love electrostats too..

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  1. very nice… it’s reminded me that I lived next to NASA-Houston for 5 years… I did watch a few shuttle taking-offs to ISS and landings – in the mission control room… 🙂

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