Let’s save the nature

We have been doing so much to destroy the nature, to annihilate every possible opportunity of the nature.Our thirst to conquer the nature and the God’s pursuit of creation has not ended. And it’s increasing everyday, we have stopped of vowing the greatness of the God,and we started taking over the task of his creations.

This has not just left us in a place for the living of our future. Instead we are left stranded, and creating a messed up place for our future generations.
Our future  generations are not going to be the way we are living today. Or they are not going to live the way we forsee now.
The concept of God will cease to persist. The feel of righteousness will be written in history, the modesty will have no meaning.
The difference of being humans will be a question of humans themselves.
We can’t do anything but we can leave the nature to live her as she was before. Shall we?

16 thoughts on “Let’s save the nature

  1. I am of the same opinion too. But have you ever thought of this? The earth will exist even after the entire humanity ceases to be. The pollution will kill the life on Earth. It will ultimately kill humans. But after another million years, The Earth would be back to its initial self.

    Ultimately, whom are we saving? The Earth or Ourselves? I wish people realize this. 🙂

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  2. Good one, Iku! We should perhaps say that We should save Ourselves. Nature has a way of adjusting. But if We are not careful, our Future generations will not even have enough Water.


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