The 4 types of people I love


There are 4 types of people around me whom I like most.They are,

1. Just think – dreamers

These types of people I don’t often meet or I have never meet and still they make me love them more.They are poets and scientists ( for me only those two kind of people make me feel happy when I just think of them). I don’t even need to meet them personally to get inspired or love them.

2. Just see – saviours

People who make me feel happy when I just see them, those are some of well wishers, good hearted people, who never care of money, never care of their status, never care of their position, never care of their life on the earth. They are sages, saints, social workers, and whoever sacrifice their lives.

3. Just talk – givers

People who make me feel happy when I just talk to them. Most of them are my college friends, teachers, and professors.

4. All rounders

Only handful of people who will make me feel happy and better in all the ways said above,

  • when I just see them
  • when I just talk to them
  • when I just think of them

They are the persons behind my success, behind my life, behind every step of my leg

My mum, my dad, my sister(s) and my brother(s), and finally my sweet heart!

Share your opinions who makes you feel better and who fall in these categories 🙂

5 thoughts on “The 4 types of people I love

  1. Dear Martian,
    I have to address you that way.
    All the four people are wonderful people. Its so good that you are around these people, cause there are most of the people around us whom we do not like. You are lucky!
    Thanks for your follow last week. I was just waiting to respond in the same way, but just wanted to see your blog and comment and follow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks my friend, everyone has such people, you just think who makes you happy when think of them, may be your baby or someone, I feel everyone has some people in this list 🙂 thanks for the follow


  2. My husband falls under all these categories that’s why I love him so much. Just need to add ‘joker’ into the mix because laughter is his big plus too… Great post! X


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