Acid Rain

How to strip the nature?
Man found the answer, emitted harmful gases,
Erasing every layer of skin.

12 thoughts on “Acid Rain

  1. True written my friend. We only declared environment day a day to serve the environment and on that day , just write article , distribute pamplets and after that day we become a part of that society to whom we blame for destroying the environment…we guys actually a coward guys, cowards is not a best word, yaa we are busy people, we just make a habit of blaming and blaming and blaming and blaming …..blaming process is unstoppable

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    1. We should stop using cosmetics and high profile chemicals,etc..but we just worried about the momentary happiness and we are stripping and raping the environment

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      1. But these all we use now, what did we use in olden days is just natural products,, just weer need to go back little down, that’s it

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