If I were offered to change my past and future..

Hey friends this gonna be a weird question, but I would like to know how many of you like to do this.
If you were offered to change your future or your past, what you would like to change? Just share your thoughts and I believe that gonna be very interesting.
Some of you might like to change your girl friend or boy friend..
Some of you even would like to change your wife..
Some of you might be interested to change your sex..
Why do not I change my name?
Why do not I change my country?
The list goes on..
But you might have something interesting to share with us.. Don’t you?

24 thoughts on “If I were offered to change my past and future..

  1. I’m what I’m today of the things in past..
    Since, this is where I wanted to be, there’s nothing to change in past..

    As for my future, I’m shaping it in the present, as I would like it to become.. 😉

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  2. Interesting question… I always wanted to change my past, the decisions I took, the mistakes I made…but now that I think of it, may be I don’t… may be this is what it was supposed to be…You know, it’s kind of confusing…the possibilities of “what If”.

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  3. At first I thought there were many things I would have wanted to change. . But as the thought process got deeper. . I have realized I wouldn’t change a thing. .I won’t give “my past makes me who Iam today” like cliché line. . But the truth is, I believe in moments. . And life is a mixed bag of good & bad. .So, answer would be no 🙂

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  4. I would like to have not dropped out of college, although I did live quite an exciting life after that one so not really no regrets. I actually don´t believe in changing the past and regrets. No point in it, what´s done it´s done and you learn from your mistakes and hopefully not repeat them.

    I will say that I would change not having met my crazy nutcase exgirlfriend, that was some crazy one, real crazy. Got me thrown in jail for a day and later on to court because she said I hit her. Well long and behold after all the headache to me and my family and thank God the witnesses said the truth I was aquitted and she was charged for putting a false accusation. But the headache for months that this I was going to throw an insult, did to me and the people around me, I don´t forgive that and I should have been smarter and have run out of that relationship way way earlier. Talk about manipulative and mean to the bone person. Of course even my lawyer thought I was going to be found guilty since “obviously” it´s the man who hits women right? Well there are some crazy ass girls out there that actually will hit the guy and will invent and hit themselves and say it was you who did it. And most of the time, you are going to loose, but this crazy ass girl when she got up to the stand and started contradicting herself with every question my lawyer asked her….veredict= not guilty and she guilty of false accusations. But the money I spend on the freaking lawyer, she´s still paying for it by the way.

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  5. Mmm most people I know would say they wouldn’t change anything. I don’t believe them. That’s fake positive. I would. A lot. But if I can only choose one? I’d change being sensible early in life. Thinking it would make a better future. I had less fun and I didn’t get further than those who were real and did fun things when they were young.

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  6. “If I were offered to change my past and future..”
    Well that’s an interesting thing that could happen.
    If the Offer was open all the time, the World would have been different from what it is now.
    I mean, every other person would have opted it and could have made their lives as better as they would think.
    In your Post only, you have told so many things of the type.
    Past is for us to learn to Live the Present and Make the Future.
    To answer what you have asked.
    Thinking of the Present now, I would make arrangements to make the Past Right, but poor me I cannot go in the past now, because you have asked me to do it right at present.
    Only thinking of the Present we may think of the Past, that it could have happened like this.
    For Eg; She Would Have Been My Lover.
    They Would Have Been My In-Laws.
    It goes on.

    I am to inform you that I have dedicated my latest Post in your name, Please read and comment there.
    Those are a few poem like lines I have written for the first time on my Blog.
    Fondest Regards,

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    1. that’s really interesting comment. And I thank you for your time. I will go right away and comment there!


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