A spoiled brat of love

She thinks as I suppose,

Feels her heart as if beats,

Talks herself though not lunatic,

Walks her way to the edge of peak,

As if not spoiled brat of love,

Breathes hard in her words,

Hurting every corner of my heart,

The love in eyes,

Wanting of my lips and chest,

You cry every moment,

Every moment of your life,

For you, to feed of wanting,

I feel like leaving you there,

In the middle of the fire of your thoughts,

We have nothing to share.

11 thoughts on “A spoiled brat of love

    1. Hope so, Even love is also a selfish act I feel 🙂 (without being in love , can’t express though, I am eligible to write so I feel) hehe, thanks by the way

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    1. Thanks friend and may be in younger than you, it’s true that girls are typical creatures just want the happiness all the time and never bother what happens.
      I hope if the men’s world listen or follow the girls footpath would never grow, and we would not have succeeded or developed as much as we are in the current world , they don’t have a creative mind or vision of future or anything but just pleasure all the time by whatever means from men. Thanks for your comment and pleasure to read your poem.


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