Every rose dies for a reason

Upon death of every rose,

Love blooms at the heart,thorns sing

A love anthem of eulogy.

47 thoughts on “Every rose dies for a reason

  1. Referring to your kind invitation:

    The Singapore region is hereby invited to participate into a ‘digital visit’ to the Northern hemisphere and my home country: Norway!
    Here you may see no less than 500 different posts including more than 3500 pictures – mostly in ‘full screen modes’, – displaying Norway and its nature. Everything you see is texted in English as well as Norwegian, and all comments/questions will be responded to as far as time allows!

    And since ever new posts and pictures will be published through the year, I suggest that you
    subscribe to my blog? That way you’ll be nofitied by mail whenever something new is posted!

    Where to go? Here!: http://www.SeeNorway.wordpress.com (Please enjoy! )

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    1. Great blog, friends I request to visit his blog. Your eyes will be filled with happiness, I’m sure. Thanks


      1. If you copy this invitation on to your timeline in Facebook, perhaps we will catch some more attention, but – Please make very sure that the link itself is published separately in your first window.
        Nothing more!
        Then in window no 2 you may copy my invitation
        – except for the link ‘Where to go’ –
        Instead you just refer to the link given in the first widow. (Then it may work)


      2. I see! Traditionally it was only to share an URL and everybody would be notified, but it doesn’t work like that any more!

        ‘Sharing’ no longer generates a mail alert to all registered friends !!!
        Any post published, including any form of hyperlink, (regardless of contence) will automatically be handled (by the program) as if it were a ‘sharing’!
        Therefore this now will have to be med through the use of two separate windows:
        W1: The hyperlink only! (Nothing else!)
        W2: A presentation (only) referring to the link in the first window. (Absolutely no links in W2 !!! ) That’s the only way to go!


  2. Amazing. Your poems are short and to the point I like that.
    When I start writing my mind it gets kind of messy so yeah I write long but love your style all the same.

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      1. you are smart 😛 i thought u are working a fashion professional and doing lot of stuff 😛 busy and so…. so think how the person perceive u 😛

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