Why do the love or romance poems get more likes?

12 thoughts on “Why do the love or romance poems get more likes?

  1. I enjoy such a wide variety of topics and read a number of sites based on this. I have noticed the same on my own site in terms of higher likes for romance, but then, that’s mainly what I write, so perhaps I am not the best person to speak to this.

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    1. Thanks, Yes, when I do write bout a serious matter, people never give a try or only a few, but when it comes to romance, I do get overwhelmed response and comments, so everyone on the blogging looking some sort of soothing at emotional level I feel.

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  2. What do I want to read? What do you want to write about? That should be your priority.
    And yes, your poems are great, if you want to mix it up, wich i do, then go for it and forget about likes or no likes, I write what i write and peoples seem to read it, i have no clue why. I just write crazy nutty stuff sometimes, sometimes love, sometimes life struggles wich they tend to be the greater bunch and i just write what i like to write and if they hit the like button all the better but if they don´t my life is not falling apart.

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