A distant thunder

A distant thunder roars,
the name of your soul,
bellows the voice of your
echoing gasp of love,
at every nerve, trembles me,
like planets crashing and,
milky ways formed afar,
my heart beats along.

7 thoughts on “A distant thunder

  1. The rhythm of the heartbeats,
    Raises the tempo of the blood.
    The thunder and lightening,
    Brings us closer then ever before.
    May this season of love,
    Remain such forever more!

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    1. It makes me write more now,
      The rise of the temperature,
      In the cells, in the blood,
      Should not rise to boil,
      We should quench the heat,
      By each other, lips are,
      Doing their job perfectly.

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      1. The sealed lips,
        The entwined fingers,
        The shy smile,
        And the closeness of bodies,
        All depict the love they shared,
        Hope it becomes a fairy tale!

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      2. That’s the end of the world,
        In the happiness of pleasure,
        Entwined fingers clasping,
        And gasping the names of each,
        The crush of the cells,
        Tunes the bones,
        To an eternal pleasing and,
        Continue the play…

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