My laptop rests in peace.. After five years

After five years of hard work.. And helping me in day to day activities, from watching movies to official work, meetings, video calls , web developments, android app developments… She had taken an eternal sleep today.

Probably this is my first post about my personal matter and it is with the machine I dealt with. Though we’re human beings, and being brought up in Indian soil, for us everything from the animals to metals that help in our work, we worship as God. So I’m little attached or just feeling a thanking note for her.

It’s a Dell Latitude model with sleek body.

Yesterday night I wrote a haiku poem about the computers as..

Among the human capitalists,
With the unpaid monthly wages,
A slaved communist worker.

Don’t know if she does know it or I knew the date of her life, I wrote those lines and this has been an eulogy for her.

Morning I woke up and turned on, sent few mails then suddenly everything stopped.
There was no lights on, power button not worked either.
I analysed because I’m geek myself. Called up few friends and asked their ideas. We all concluded that we can try few things.
1. Take batteries away,press the power button for one minute then try to start. Nothing happened.
2. Take batteries away put the charging line directly and restart. Nothing happened.
3. Change the charger.. Still no luck.

We confirmed that mother board has gone. Still I’m not convinced and I took her to a technician and he confirmed that she is dead. We can’t get the parts here.
She is resting in my desk now.
Hoping to dispose her and buy a new one tomorrow. Because I can’t do anything without a new laptop.
Hope she will rest in peace.
Thank you miss laptop for the help you did for the five years.

16 thoughts on “My laptop rests in peace.. After five years

      1. I just spend quite a lo of $ this month to repair my “baby”, the problem was that a bottle of water was spilled on top of it, I almost murdered the person who did it

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    1. They don’t complain like men, they don’t deny when you want to interact with them.. They don’t fail if you take care of them well… They do all your tasks as and when required…. They all made of metal and atoms..finally electrons and protons….
      Same way we are also made of cells.. Which in turn has elements made of chemicals… Atoms… And finally electrons n protons…we created machines… Someone created us….
      That’s it. At the end machines and men are same…

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    1. Thanks my friend.. In my opinion..I used to learn all my computer skills from design to programming, browsing to documentation, editing to creating new things… It did more than a man did for me.. And after all I got a good life with the help of that machine. So…

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  1. I’ve made my laptop work every time by telling her I’ll acknowledge you in my thesis! Phones, laps, kindle.. All these devices are turning into life partners !


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