Learned Today

Only girls can murder the friendship of a guy without biding adieu and prior notice.

31 thoughts on “Learned Today

  1. Lol 😂

    I don’t buy this, sorry. Conversations are a two way street.

    If you’re having to carry the entire thing on your own shoulders, you’re forcing it.

    If she isn’t going to do anything to help continue it and expects you to do all the leg work then you should probably just let the conversation die and move on.

    When only one side is actually keeping the flow of conversation going that usually means that there isn’t any chemistry.

    The few times that I’ve decided power on, I ended up finding out that the other party isn’t very interesting anyway. Happens with same gender as well. There can be million reasons. It has nothing to do with gender, everyone does it at some point.

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    1. True but guys leave a note before they disappear😂😂😂 they won’t stop messaging without notice and won’t ever go dumb of your messages.

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      1. No there are a few who turn absolutely ignorant to emotions and related stuff…i think your personal experiences are overweighing a very natural possibility 😀

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  2. Do you really feel this way? Or are you upset because this happened to you recently and you’re still picking up the pieces.

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      1. It’s called “ghosting” and it happens a lot. Girls and guys both are capable and are equally guilty. Especially on dating websites.

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      2. Oh gosh, it’s happened to me many times. I don’t let it bother me. There are so many more people to talk to. If someone wants to stay in your life, they will. It’s as cut and dry as that. If people want to leave, let them. Make room room for the ones that will stay. 🖤

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