Guest post: My Sweet Tooth

Soft and warm bread,  drizzled with cheese,
Could make me go on my knees

Apple pie and Bakewell tart made my tongue drool,
Yet I couldn’t have them,  mama’s rule –

Well one day I broke the austere
One bite of a pastry and my tooth fell adhere;

Sobbing I went to Mama,  she asked not to cry,
We could always give the desserts another try

Aftet all life is about trial and error,
We may lose once,  but we don’t give up in terror.

This post was written by one of my favorite blogger friend MeloHeart. She is an amazing writer and a very active blogger who has been blogger friend for years.I would recommend to have a view on her blog.

Her blog is here: MeloHeart

7 thoughts on “Guest post: My Sweet Tooth

  1. Not to alarm you, but did you know that your posts are not showing up in WordPress Reader? I can see your most recent post but when I try to read all of your posts in Reader it says “Nothing published.” Perhaps it could be a spelling error or link mixup in your settings? Just thought you’d like to know.

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