Do we really have an International Organisation of countries?

This question might strike your spinal cord and it’s very obvious that we do have many such organisations. And why does this folk asking such silly question? Don’t you think so?

Well, let me tell you what the hell purpose of such organisations on the open words of the people who were part of such organisations.
“In your hand rests our future”…..
“not created in order to bring us to heaven, but in order to save us from hell”…..

These are very few dialogues written and spoken well in front this world. But does it serve the purpose the mission to the people of this world? Never. And never.

Did any of these organisations try to stop the civil wars? Or try to stop the conflicts that lasts for decades?

Where were these organisations when the civil wars in Srilanka and in Syria which killed hundreds and thousands of people who were tortured and killed?
Where are these organisations when thousands of people ripped off around the world?

Do they side the religious and super power of the world?
There are thousands of questions which makes us think of such useless organisations as just a dumb ass of impotent and inefficient people wasting their time.
Even when you had a power to stop civil wars and killing of those civilians you never took a chance to stop the ruthless beings and what the hell purpose of conducting a trial at the international courts.
If you think you have the power to punish those culprits, then you had the chance to stop the wars and conflicts as well.

We have all useless international organisations and who never care of the humanity. We have no belief that we really need one such organisation.

11 thoughts on “Do we really have an International Organisation of countries?

  1. That’s very true. But it goes uncared and futile when the authority inside the country even never minds of well being of his own country, then how will be someone who promises to manage the world?!
    Well written☺.

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    1. I believe the world is a single stage and everyone has the responsibility of the human beings. Countries are man made and have no borders in real. So everyone has the responsibility of serving people. Thanks

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    1. right!! and as I have seen the top levels in various corporate life..they just in a glassy ac rooms , drink the bottled water and travel in secured you think they can know the pain of the people who are buried under the soil?? no..

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      1. That’s it! Who cares?! What my point is let them be as they want.. , let them be social concerned too.. All they wanna make is profit out of every single move they take.. Who cares again? Do we raise voice against it? No..that’s the thing with all of us. Unless or otherwise we go against with the stuffs that hits the boundaries of others, the country won’t get any better neither the world!

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