We walk under pleasure

Pumpkin face would be yours,
While kissing with cheers,
Blushing paints the lust,
With the feathers of thirst,

While feeding my breakfast,
Your fingers nourish my heart,
Our kids playing in under bed,
we are sinking in pleasure crest,

Walking under those neem trees,
showering with those white flowers,
We die and born again for ages,
Let our love grow above the skies,

Baby, come under my arm,
Forget those moments of solitude,
Let, those eyes closed,
We gonna live the moments together.

8 thoughts on “We walk under pleasure

    1. I dream a lot and a follower friend gave me two words to write..she gave..prophecy&partner 🙂 so it started so 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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