India the peninsular land of saints, A mountain of religions and beliefs, Ocean of knowledge and science, Was swallowed under the colonial rule, Lost it’s morals and unity, People forgot the ethics and divinity, Divided and ruled for half millennium, Patriots and freedom fighters, Emerged and fallen under bullets, the land of non-violence against British bullets, Fetched the freedom under Mahatma’s leadership, World understood the meaning of freedom fight. Democracy flourished and a declared republic, Once again taken under control of politicians, Was stolen and looted the wealth abroad, She lost her beauty and customs, Indians struggling under the poor … Continue reading INDIA

Full moon night

  We walk to the place, Far away from this earthians land, No humanoids around the eyes sight, We walk hand in hand.   A breezy place it’s is, Feathery flowers we feel the smell, Heart and our beats are high, We cherish the loneliness, To shout out the heart filled with.   Moon lightens  the darkness into brightness, Stars gaze in blush looking us, We hug like a twisted band, Every inch of us, release the remorse, That our souls had for years.   Nothingness in mind, Emptiness in physique, They might call it making love, But we feel … Continue reading Full moon night

Lost love is what I have

Never knew you would crush my heart, Like the sands that my hands hold, To mold into an unbreakable stories, Our adolescent crush in memories. I long those days of your glance, Pierced my heart and split me into two, Dear angel, know not thy whereabouts, But your beats are with me ever. Send me a wish from the place you live, I will remember the days we shared the gaze, the School days are – to remember, For the love we learned together. Continue reading Lost love is what I have

RIP People’s President: Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

She lost her missile man, The true patriot of her peninsular landscape, Born at the south, He saved the sovereignty from the west, He lead his children from the north, He sacrificed his life from the east, At last he rest in peace on the hands, Of the God, His dreams, His wings of fire are fluttering with us, His ignited minds are we, The luminous sparks been planted in our hearts, The hands left us a manifesto for change, He urged to forge our future, The turning points he made us to draw, He poured the light on us … Continue reading RIP People’s President: Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam